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American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) will be hosting its 17th annual AAPI Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) to be held at New Delhi (January 1st to 3rd, 2024) and Manipal (January 4th to 6th, 2024) and we invite you to be our Industry partner and sponsor of our 17th AAPI Global Healthcare Summit.

The AAPI Delegation will be honored if you can be one of our primary sponsors and support the event that will be attended by hundreds of medical students and hundreds of AAPI delegates from the US, and a few hundred doctors in India. Invited guests will include medical college professors, principals, deans, NMB chair and other members, and dignitaries including the Honorable Health Minister of India, etc. We request you to generously support the GHS so that we can work on our common goals and commitment to quality medical education and better health outcomes in India and worldwide.

ABOUT SUMMIT: GHS 2024 will be the seventeenth year of AAPI’s constant commitment towards making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all people of India.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SUMMIT: Several prominent physicians and academicians are invited and have accepted to be the keynote speaker and chairs of various academic sessions planned and organized during the summit.

The focus this year will be on Healthcare Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Mental health, Infant and Maternal Mortality as well as Medical Jeopardy and Research Poster presentations by medical students and will include panel discussions by International Medical Education experts and National Medical Council Board officials and mentoring of Young Professionals. CEO forum will focus on Equity, Ethics and Physician Burnout Issues and Women’s Forum on Gender bias and Leadership. The comprehensive details of TB Elimination Projects in India will be presented. Latest Advances, CME, ENLS, Discussions on Research Methodology and Scientific Writing by Academic Experts will be part of the summit. Advocacy to dismantle the stigma of mental illness and Suicide Prevention will be the highlight of the program. Chronic Disease Reversal and Prevention, Rural Health Initiatives will continue to be promoted and other Global Health Issues including Climate change and its impact on health will be discussed. Advance workshops on Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Urology, and Oncology will be offered. Other activities will include CPR Training for Police personnel; Walkathon on combating mental health stigma and prevention of Childhood Obesity and several other initiatives will be announced including treatment modalities on non-communicable medical diseases.


Anjana Samadder, MD President of AAPI

Sampat Shivangi, M.D.

Anupum Seibel. M.D.
GHS Chair New Delhi

Dr H S Ballal, Pro Chancellor, MAHE
Lt. Gen. (Dr) M.D. Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE
GHS Chair Manipal
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